How We Teach

Teaching is done by starting from the basics from textbooks before moving on to either assessment books for primary and lower secondary students and Ten Year Series for upper secondary students. JC students will be given ample practice from past year questions of other JCs as well.

We believe in the traditional methods of teaching through practice, one-to-one marking and explanation. What sets us apart from other tuition places is that we see our students twice a week for 2 hours per session. We strongly believe there is no replacement for students to sit down and go through the grind of working through the questions on their own. No short cuts through the lecture/tutorial or blackboard system. Students will have to produce work of their own because we mark them individually.

For parents who believe in old school systematic teaching and thorough explanation and marking, we are the right fit for you. We do our utmost to maximise the potential of each student. No gimmicks of guaranteed ‘A’s for results. We only demand that each child performs to the best of his/her ability. We are patient and many students have flourished under our tutelage.

With the busy schedule of our students today, we are also flexible in our timings with them. During the regular school term, we are open from 2-10pm and students can come at any of the timings in between and we will start and end the lessons accordingly. No more worries about fitting into a fixed given schedule. Only during school and public holidays do we have usually have fixed timings of classes at 8am or 10am in the mornings.

We are in the education business and not in sales hence please do not expect any hard sell from us. We love to teach and enjoy teaching students who would like to learn and be saved from their dire situation or who desire to achieve better than ordinary grades.