“Signed up for Mr. Siow’s math tuition upon the recommendation of a friend slightly more than a year before my A levels in 2012.

From a failing grade, Mr. Siow very quickly assessed and accurately identified the topics and concepts that I had difficulty grasping before teaching me how to understand each concept and the various methods that can be used. He then very patiently drilled me with papers to the point where he covered every possible way teachers have set their questions relating to such topics in recent history.

I eventually graduated top of my cohort in junior college, and to this date am very grateful that I discovered such a great tutor that can turn things around in a relatively short amount of time!”

Ong Boon Chong, TPJC.

“When I studied math at school, I remember getting a 14 out of a hundred for math. Soon after I started math tuition with Mr Siow. By the end of term, I had gotten a 65% mark. My self esteem soared and I was able to understand what was actually going on in class. Thank you, Mr Siow.”

Steff Ellet, Katong Convent.

“Math and me never got along (applies today as well) but somehow Mr Siow made me and math come close enough to make it through JC.

Although it’s a group setting, he somehow gives individual training to each and every student; somehow he understands each individuals’ learning techniques, strengths and weaknesses. This coupled with his traditional techniques, is really brilliant. I still don’t understand how he does it.

Apart from fearing his cat, I remember feeling hopeful every time I finished a session, empowered with all these math abilities(although I was weak math student). I truly think that’s an incredible strength in a teacher-to empower students with hope, confidence and self esteem (apart from mere knowledge).

Thank you Mr Siow, you helped me survive a truly tough part of the Singapore education system.”

Vashini Ricky, PJC

“Tough love, mathematics was never my strongest subject but somehow, Mr Siow manage to inspire and motivate. Thank you Sir.”

Ian De Cruz, St. Patrick’s School.

“I remember being in a tough spot in 2007. Being streamed into combined sciences in Secondary 3, I partially gave up on academics. One day I got 24.5/50 for a common test in TKSS for e-math and had to attend remedial lessons after school. A good friend of mine recommended me to Mr Siow and the rest was history. I managed to go from the bottom to the top of my class in a matter of months.
I remember seeing the names on the top of Mr Siow’s board for a prelims he created to prepare us for the final hurdle O levels. I was happy with what I achieved from the 1 years+ of crash course he put me through. I also developed a passion and skill in mathematics that served as a foundations that I still retain today. I will never forgot the 1 year+ of fun, laughter, sweat and hours at the square table. All the teasing, jokes, interesting characters and stories.
I would like to credit Mr Siow for his hard work and genuine heart to see all his students succeed. Without this tuition I probably would approach academics very differently today. It was empowering to see myself go from the bottom to the top and helped me believe that I can succeed in something as long as I gave it my all. If you are struggling but have the determination to succeed and are willing to bite the bullet and go, choose Mr Siow.”

Darrell Goh Jia Wei, TKSS

“Truly educators with passion that is really not easy to find in teachers. I will always be thankful as I will definitely not be where I am, if not for them. Especially Mr Siow, who really saved me from my struggling life with maths. Super patient I mean I forgot how many “careless” and big red cross I see in my exam papers in secondary school already. Thank you for making my last 2 JC years with maths so peaceful and making me look forward to doing maths.

Do check them out!! You will not just find a good teacher, but also an educator that gives good advices and make an impact in your lifelong learning journey.”

Siaw Chi Shuen, Pasir Ris Sec & TPJC

“Finally! A website for the tuition I’ve been attending throughout most of my education journey! Since 2006! For anyone that’s interested, don’t hesitate to learn under their wings! They are more than just teacher. Their passion for teaching does not end in the classroom, they are mentor in life as well!”

Kalli Yong, Damai Secondary

“Was never a hardworking student neither a bright one but Mr & Mrs Siow were the ones who made a difference that saw me through tertiary education.

I hope a testimony from a non role model would make a difference.”

Gerard Ng, Broadrick Secondary

“I’ve been going for tuition since primary school, tried all sorts of tuition centers, home tuition, different styles and formats and teachers but Mr Siow is really the best. Very strict and fierce but at the end can really feel you teach from your heart & want the best for us.”

Joyce Kwok, Temasek Sec & SAJC

“To the only tutor who believed in me right from the beginning, even when I had not shown anything worthy… to the tutor who treated a “hopeless case” with hope…to the tutor who became a friend, whose home became one I looked forward to going to weekly (even though I hated the subject)… and I must add this la though it spoils my poetry: to the tutor who helped me see the illusive (for me) A for O’s when all I only ever saw were Fs and belonged to the discard pile my whole from sec school life, you’re gonna be a great blessing to many kids Mr & Mrs Siow! All the best!”

Lydia Lee, MGS

“The only teacher who managed to pull me from a S to a A.”

Yuan Yong Qing, RI(JC)

“Was struggling very badly all the way through JC, but I still managed to pull through for Math with the help of Mr Siow. I am really very thankful because he was always very patient with me – I think I was nearly always the last student to leave at about 10pm because he tirelessly went through everything that I needed (which was a lot, I’d think!). Needless to say, I really felt motivated to do my best, and even liked Math more as a subject. Can’t imagine how I’d fare without his tuition, so thank you so much for everything, Mr Siow!”

Bernice Yong, MJC

“Fond memories of Mr Siow’s classes because he’s one tutor who cares. Then, I went to him in quite a bad shape – weak foundation and lost in class. Mr Siow was quick to pick up the concepts I was weak at and why I didn’t understand them. Somehow though there were many of us, he understood each of our learning styles. He pitched his teaching to suit every individual. He explained concepts in ways which I could understand. Despite the continuous flow of students coming in, he would remember what he needed to reinforce with me at each lesson. You got to try it to know it! He’s one tutor we remember even after many many years because he treats us like his own. Though he’s strict and sets high expectations, he shaped my learning attitude towards Math subtly, allowed me to learn at my own pace and is willing to go the extra mile. He taught us the value of hard work and how putting in effort would reap good progress. Many if not all of us graduated from his class not only scoring better, but also enjoy learning Math much more.”

Angeline Huang, St. Hilda’s Secondary

“Hands down the best tutor ever. Mr Siow was really patient and always made the extra effort to ensure that I understood the concepts behind the problems which gave me the confidence to do well in my exams! Thanks for everything!”

Lim Zheng Feng, Duman High School

“I remember distinctly the year I joined Mr Siow’s classes. I was constantly failing E and A maths in Secondary School, barely passing during the finals to get through the years. At one point, I felt enough was enough and decided to enroll in Mr Siow’s math lessons. I was lucky that Mr Siow was an upstairs neighbour, so going for lessons was easy. Mr Siow was so dedicated to making me get a good grade for Prelims that he would personally sit with me till 1 or 2 am in the morning just going through my work and pointing out my mistakes. We were doing this for at least 3 times a week. Mr Siow never lost his patience and kept on solidifying my foundation. Within 6 months, I improved from E8 to a B3 in both classes and I credit all of these to Mr Siow’s teaching. His classes were never easy, hard work was definitely needed. But one can never complain when you see the amount of effort Mr Siow puts into each and every student. I went on to continue H2 math under his tutelage before I left for Canada. It was then did I realize my math standards were way higher than many of my Canadian counterparts. I have never enjoyed Math in the past, but I started loving it ever since I joined Mr Siow’s classes. I also had the pleasure of being taught by Mrs Siow for Physics and Chemistry. Mrs Siow is as dedicated and passionate as Mr Siow is. Dynamic duo in one room. She would make sure to point out any flaws in my understanding and would never hesitate to be strict when needed. I managed to improve my physics grade from an E8 to a B4 in a matter of 6 months as well. To be very honest, Mr and Mrs Siow were my lifesavers for O levels. If not for them, I would not have been able to go to JC and finally enter the university I’ve always wanted to attend. Thank you Mr and Mrs Siow for everything you have done!”

Tiong Ho Kin, SJI & CJC

“Never had to pay attention in any math class because of this man. A true heavyweight of the math tuition scene in Singapore.”

Lim Chun Seng, Dunman High School

“Mr Siow is definitely the most memorable Math teacher I ever had. I never liked Math, and was always confused by the textbooks explanations despite reading them over and over again. Somehow Mr Siow just made Math so much easier to digest by culling out the salient formulas in that thick text and having me practice using those formulas. He gave me the time I required for adequate practice (which differs from student to student) to make sure I really had understood and made sense and knew how to do the Math. Needless to say, I went from C6 to A1 for E Math and E8 to B3 for A Math. Math became my best improved subject after I went to Mr Siow! Major plus (or is it minus?) is that Mr Siow has loads of sarcastic jokes… but the students then all took it w a pinch of salt and we all enjoyed lessons very much. Thanks Mr Siow!”

Ang Shu Hui, Temasek Secondary School

“Pulled me from a U to an A within a year because Mr Siow would drill me relentlessly even though that meant I stayed till midnight at times. He wanted me to win more than I wanted it myself, but that was what got me to see possibilities. For someone who failed maths throughout her secondary school, I had only dare hope to pass but Mr Siow taught me that anything is possible as long as you work at it, but more importantly he modelled for me the kind of teacher I want to be — one that never gives up on his students and believed on their behalf until they start believing again. Forever grateful”

Chan See Ting, Dunman High School

“You were the best math teacher I ever had! For a student who was sure she was never born to do maths, you helped me do better than I ever could have imagined! Forever grateful to u for helping me make my O-level cert complete!”

Adeline Ong, TKSS

“I was in secondary two when I first joined their classes, barely scraping a pass. Through the unending patience of Mr and Mrs Siow, I jumped from the bottom to the best in my cohort. Following which, I achieved a 3 in English and 2 in both Math and Combined Science for my O levels. Everything I had, I owed to their diligence and concern. Truly, they were my best teachers and I will forever be grateful.”

Shaun Tan, Changkat Changi Secondary

“I was in J2 when I joined Mr Siow’s tuition classes for H1 Math. I’ve been weak at Mathematics my entire life, it was a subject I really tried to negate because I always felt I was born to be bad at it, hence the lack of effort. I floated through J1 without knowing much because the H1 syllabus for 2017 focused on Additional Math which I unfortunately did not take in secondary school. My own math teacher in school was unhelpful as well and did not bother to explain concepts, which made me even more lost. As expected, my grades were beyond bad, they did not even hit a U (35 marks to hit a U, my lowest score was 9/100 if I recall haha). That was when I knew I could not continue if not my math would pull down my overall RP. I started attending Mr Siow’s tuition classes extremely late in the year considering my lack of progress. He knew that I was extremely behind in this subject, and would always offer to tutor my friend and I an extra hours each lesson without extra charges. I remember it was such a torture to do math papers without relent after school, but I can only imagine it must have been hell for him to teach all these to me. Tuition lessons were definitely intense, but Mr Siow always ensured that we had enough practice and were confident before going for the final exam. I am thankful to say that his dedication, patience and generosity has enabled me to jump from a U to a B for H1 Math during A’s in 2017. Thanks Mr Siow!”

Kimberly Tan, TPJC